Our Services

Our Services

We can make products in a variety of designs, and we always give priority to the customer’s tastes. However, some threads run through the entire of our work, right from the design phase to the polishing phase.



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Long-term approach

As designers, contemporary aesthetics influence us significantly. However, we are not distracted by the fads passing with time. We design with a long-term approach in mind. We understand that there is no sense in making things that would last long but would not be appreciated for long.



We believe that subtlety is a vital part of designs that last for the long-term. It is easy to create designs that make an immediate or a fleeting impact. On the other hand, it is quite challenging to create designs that would get a warm appreciation for long years. Customers, for whom we have worked, often say that the pieces made by us are appreciated even after many years of being made. This proves our success in creating designs for the long-term.


Suitability for Purpose

Another easy, but fruitless way to design things is designing solely for look. Very often, we come across works in which function holds a backseat to look. For example, a dining table will look very attractive with elaborate legs, but the elaborate legs would not leave enough space for humans to place their legs comfortably. We lay a lot of emphasis on suitability of our work for the purpose, and their appropriateness for their setting.



One craftsman is responsible for one job, from the wood’s marking and cutting to its finishing. We, people trying to maintain the tradition of craft, believe that this system is very important. It is the craftsman’s commitment, his satisfaction and pride derived from each stage of creating the piece, which bring life to the piece he is making. Only this approach has the ability to bring sensitivity to something. The customer getting the piece has a pleasure to own it, instead of thinking it to be merely impressive or useful. We bring such sensitivity to the works we do.



In our approach, whatever we make is completely individual. As we are surrounded by much uniformity, it is a privilege for us to have the ability of expressing our own individuality with the help of our work. We hope that our customers are also able to express their individuality by owning pieces made by us.