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About Desire Kitchens

Desire Kitchens specializes in manufacture of bespoke kitchens. Our highly skilled professionals meticulously design and handcraft kitchens. We are serving customers for kitchen renovations from over 30 years. Before commencing the work, we create a 3D model of how the kitchen of a client would appear like after being transformed by us. Clients can suggest various modifications as per their ideas and tastes, and we implement them gladly.

We use only the superior quality materials for the purpose of kitchen renovations. We have a team of highly skilled craftsmen, who have received their training from industry veterans. If our client wants us to enter into a partnership with his/her own design firm or architect for executing a project, we gladly do so.

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

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Kitchen Designs Melbourne

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

A kitchen never has enough space to store all the dishes, cutlery, and appliances but kitchen designs in Melbourne use techniques to provide kitchen solutions that offer the maximum space for storage, easy movement and dinner sessions.

Desire Kitchens provide the perfect solution for kitchen renovations in Melbourne, Brighton, Bentleigh, Caulfield, Kew and Toorak. When deciding to renovate your kitchen, you have to start with a design plan and then proceed to:

  • Budget
  • Hiring a kitchen contractor
  • Deciding on the theme and design
  • Surfing the internet for inspiration
  • Making a choice
  • Getting ready for renovation

At Desire Kitchens, we not only offer modern kitchens but we have a range of different styles of kitchen designs Melbourne services that suit every customer.

  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Beach Island
  • Rustic
  • Tropical
  • Bamboo
  • Craftsmen
  • Mediterranean

We mostly offer wood options for kitchen cabinets, wall fittings, and pantries because they provide with added texture and blend in with the sunlight shining through the windows. Modern styles require a modern finish and that is why we offer kitchen cabinets and benchtops in either framed or frameless carcass with laminate, create/meltec, timber veneer, two pack paint finish etc.

Kitchen Renovations in Brighton, Brighton, Caulfield, Toorak, Black Rock and Huntingdale

Do you have the problems in the kitchen increased to a level, which is more than you can handle? Have you had enough of minor repairs, which still do not seem to hold the kitchen together?

The food processor won’t work when the coffeemaker’s on, you are down to just one working burner on the stove and you cannot make more than one dish at a time and it takes a lot of time to make dinner for your family or organize an informal colleagues dinner. In addition to all the unpleasant events, your microwave oven finally blew on the morning of your big promotion at work and you decided that you could not cope up with this anymore.

Often you realize that your kitchen space is getting smaller and considering the dimensions of the room, the kitchen is not properly planned and designed to look modern and elegant that covers up less space. In fact, it looks like a room with appliances stacked one over the other and the kitchen looks stuffed with no room for more.

Kitchen Makeovers Melbourne

Flat Pack Kitchens Melbourne

We ensure quality and durability in our service through application of modern techniques that add strength in our furniture. We also provide wooden and wired accessories for modern kitchens in Melbourne some of which include wooden or chrome cutlery holders, pull-in pantry shelves, basins etc.

At Desire Kitchens, we believe in providing innovative kitchen solutions for customers in Black Rock and Huntingdale and because of that our latest range of flat pack kitchens in Melbourne are a hit. If you are wondering what is a flat pack kitchen then do not worry because our representative will answer all your questions.

Flat pack kitchens include kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, pantry shelves, cabinet doors and broom cabinets which come in easy to assemble packs. They are folded and come with an instruction manual on how to assemble them easily. If you are opting for a flat pack kitchen then you can equip your kitchen with the combination of cabinets and shelves you think will fulfill your needs. It also saves a lot of money that you would spend on labour and kitchen architects.

With more than 35 years of experience, at Desire Kitchens, we offer high-quality kitchen renovations Melbourne services at an affordable price.

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