Laundry Cabinets in Moorabbin, Melbourne

Laundry Cabinets in Melbourne at Desire Kitchens are made by keeping the needs of a busy household in mind. We present you a wide range of toweling products and linen that have been created skillfully and intelligently. Our products may be very simple, or extremely complex, as per your needs.


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Our laundry services range from fine-tuning your existing laundry to designing and constructing a brand new laundry facility for you and offering you all the necessary materials to help you set it up and maintain it efficiently.

Is your laundry room a mess with trousers, socks, shirts and other stockings bulging out of the laundry basket and laying down on the floor? There is not even a place for storing your detergent, chemicals and other washing liquids. It will sure look like an unpleasant site.

Considering that, people spend a long time washing clothes, dusting off the fabric, folding clothes and ironing them, a laundry room must be roomy and clean enough to perform your everyday laundry tasks efficiently. Often people place their shoe racks in the laundry room as well. A small area that has to hold a bunch of stuff needs to be planned properly so that everything can be adjusted and chores can be completed in time without mishaps.

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It has happened that people topple over clothes that are lying down on the laundry floor and hurt themselves badly. You can never be too careful with newborns around the house. The moment they start to crawl or take their first step, you have to make sure that nothing dangerous is left lying on the floor that is eatable or harmful. Incidents like swallowing detergent powder and aromatic fabric softeners are common.

Spending for the protection of your family against potential life-threatening hazards is not a bad bargain. At Desire Kitchens, we make sure that your money is utilized in the right way to secure your family from any undesirable events.

Installing cabinets in your laundry room is an intelligent choice to organize your tasks in the laundry room. Moorabbin Laundry cabinets, whether wall fitted or ground cabinets, can be very useful for several reasons:

  • A corner especially for keeping laundry baskets
  • Wall fitted cabinets for storage of detergents and other washing liquids
  • An organized surface for folding clothes
  • A place for storing toilet rolls and other laundry items

A busy household means many dirty clothes for washing and we offer laundry cabinets in Moorabbin that are of dual nature, meaning that they provide a huge space for storage, and can also be used as a workstation.

Our virtuoso cabinet makers in Melbourne and its suburbs namely Brighton, Kew and Ormond can turn a small storage room or an existing laundry room into a designer standard laundry with quality materials, used in production and service at your disposal. Our team of wood crafters can come to your house for measurements and pick your mind about the appearance of the laundry room you expect.

Laundry Cabinets across Melbourne and its suburbs like Brighton, Kew and Ormond are offered in a single or two material varieties but at Desire Kitchens, we provide our customers with a range of options, including:

  • Plastic
  • Wire
  • Metal
  • Different wood materials

Along with these, we also provide quality finishes and hardware like:

  • Veneer
  • Lamination
  • Caesar stone
  • Marble benchtops
  • Timber

At Desire Kitchens, we let the customers make their choice from 3D designed computer images of their new laundry room and also offer customized solutions. With no compromise in quality and customer satisfaction, Desire Kitchens is the right place to transform your laundry room into a place where you can perform your laundry tasks comfortably.