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Our cabinets have a high quality and durability. We believe in making no compromises when it comes to quality. Kitchen cabinets are a vital part of every kitchen, are used a lot. Hence, we take utmost care when designing and manufacturing them.

Cabinet Makers in Bentleigh, Black Rock, Brighton, Caulfield, Huntingdale, Kew and Ormond

The most integral part of any house would be the kitchen; a room that binds the whole house together. It should be constructed and designed in a way that gives the right feeling of happiness and being at home. We are renowned cabinet makers serving our clients in Bentleigh, Black Rock, Brighton, Caulfield, Huntingdale, Kew and Ormond.

Kitchen Cabinet Makers Consists of Several Fixtures and Fittings:

  • Cabinets
  • Bench Tops
  • Wall Fittings
  • Sink Cabinets
  • Drawer Cabinets
  • Dual-Door Cabinets

Have you ever had experience in a kitchen that has a problem in several areas, and can turn out to be a potential hazard?

There are a number of things, which can injure a person, due to improper construction of a kitchen. For example, your child can get hurt with an ill fitted kitchen wall cabinet. It is also common to bump into kitchen cabinet edges while working, or getting injured by a cabinet edge while getting a mid-night snack. Several cabinet makers company in Melbourne work just for money and provide ill-quality kitchen fixtures and fittings that can be human unfriendly.

It is also common to install laminated bench tops as a promise of high quality and durability, but a lamination not properly done, results in wood debris and other particles brushing out during dinner sessions. This debris and wooden particles can be a health hazard. You can never risk your baby crawling near a kitchen cabinet and putting something uneatable in his or her mouth.

Cabinet Maker Melbourne

Kitchen Cabinets in Melbourne at Desire Kitchens are developed with utmost care. Our first priority is to design kitchen fixtures and fittings with techniques that ensure maximum safety and quality. You might have experienced kitchen cabinets in Melbourne that are made with frames but often the frames are poorly attached with the rest of the cabinet and come off easily when you are storing your dishes or kitchen appliances. Well at Desire Kitchens, you will never have to go through that ever.

Our cabinet makers in Melbourne offer two options:

  • Framed Cabinet Carcass
  • Frameless Cabinet Carcass

By offering this variety, we never limit our service and provide with kitchen cabinets that suit the customer’s needs. Kitchen cabinet makers in Melbourne, at Desire Kitchens design and manufacture kitchen cabinets using several construction methods that make the customer feel satisfied, which are:

Glued: Wood glues and hot melts are some of the glues used to ensure durable fixtures.

Pressure fitted: Pressure is applied on cabinet parts after gluing, to completely fix them.

Stapled: Kitchen cabinet components are stapled together with pins that bind the wood.

Double doweled: A solid cylindrical rod is used to hold 2 pieces of wood together.

Nailed: This is the most common method to provide with durable fittings.

At Desire Kitchens, we let the people decide what kind of method and design they want and provide them with quality and affordable solutions.

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